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Stokes Marine offers many ways to customize a boat lift to fit your needs. These needs might include washing your boat, boat maintenance, entering and exiting the boat, or accessing different areas around your boat. If the dock does not wrap all the way around both side of the boat, washing the boat can become very difficult. Washing the hull of your boat while being on the boat can be rough on your back and sometimes impossible depending the what kind of hull you have. To help alleviate this issue walk boards can be installed on your boat lift. An aluminum walk board is bolted to the cradles...

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Boat Lifts 101

If you are in the market for a new lift, or just curious about how they work, we have compiled some basic information to educate you on boat lifts. Top Beam- Most boat lifts that you see will have a top beam. This will either be made of galvanized steel or aluminum. There are several different designs of a top beam depending on manufacturer and model. The top beam spans between two or three pilings depending on the lifting capacity. The purpose of the top beam is to span the weight of the boat between the pilings. It also has the drive units and cable winders attached to it. Drive units-...

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