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Key Factors That Determine How Much A Dock Will Cost You

You might be looking to add the finishing touch to your waterfront property, and nothing ties everything together more perfectly than a dock.

It can serve as the setting for parties, family engagements, or even a great place to chill on a Sunday before you take your boat out to sea.

Before we get too excited, how much will this spectacular addition cost you? What will determine how much you'll have to pinch from your pocket? 

1. The Purpose of The Dock

What the dock is meant for will go a long way in determining its size and type. 

Owners who just want to kick back and relax without investing in any watercraft may opt for floating docks to save money. Those with water vessels will require fixed docks with more complex configurations to suit their vessels. 

An owner looking to have an expensive feature like a boathouse may decide to keep the dock size minimal to save on cost. Another who wants a deck for large family gatherings will go for more square-footage so people can have as much of a fun time as possible.

Where space is limited, they could even opt to build up, adding stairs and other levels to the dock. Such decisions, however, will call for a solid foundation and more careful planning, which generally increases costs.

2. The Type of Decking

Each dock is usually fitted with the most suitable decking based on how often it comes into contact with water, local weather, and/or personal preference.

For example, pine decking requires a lot of maintenance and runs the risk of rotting if it frequently comes into contact with water. With the rise of composite decking, not as many people choose to go with natural wood.

Composite decking, on the other hand, requires little maintenance, is impervious to moisture, and is by far more durable than wood. It’s also the most popular choice for Florida dock owners.

3. Soil Conditions

Options like piling docks last longer than floating docks because they receive more support from the pilings. However, piling docks are more expensive since more work and skill is required to drive the beams into the water.

If the soil beneath the chosen area is rocky, more labor will be required to drive in the pilings, hence incurring more cost. If the soil is sandy, it will be easy sailing ahead for the construction workers and your pocket!

4. Lighting and Plumbing Packages 

Getting dockside electricity can run you up to $1000, especially if you want to sufficiently provide power to features like a boat lift. If you're an avid angler, you may want sinks to help you with cleaning your fish. The sinks will present plumbing costs. The further out your electrical and water cables will run from the primary source to the dock; the more expensive the installation will be. 

5. The Property's Existing Condition

If the property has a seawall, the dock installation will go much smoother and will be less expensive.

Some properties also come with existing docks. Deciding to tear these out will add to the total cost depending on how hard they are to remove. For instance, a floating dock will be much cheaper to get rid of than a piling dock. Of course, you could also choose to reuse pilings that are in mint condition to save some money. 

The land may then need some groundwork like landscaping if it's not level, which calls for more labor. 

You may also be unsure of the area where your dock can legally occupy. Such situations call for a dock surveyor who will help you map out necessary distances. 

6. Additional Features You Want to Include

Owners who add additional features to their docks typically incur more costs. For example, a boat lift will add another $1000-$5000 to the budget. Adding a canopy on top of the boat lift will then cost an additional $500-$2000.

Suppose you're looking to go all out and include a boathouse that will need another $10000-$50000. The prices vary because they heavily depend on size and materials.

Other accessories to budget for would be tiki huts, ladders, fish cleaning tables, and dock boxes, depending on your lifestyle.

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