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A Guide to Boat Lift Accessories

Stokes Marine offers many ways to customize a boat lift to fit your needs.  These needs might include washing your boat, boat maintenance, entering and exiting the boat, or accessing different areas around your boat.


Walk Boards

If the dock does not wrap all the way around both side of the boat, washing the boat can become very difficult.  Washing the hull of your boat while being on the boat can be rough on your back and sometimes impossible depending the what kind of hull you have. 

To help alleviate this issue walk boards can be installed on your boat lift.  An aluminum walk board is bolted to the cradles and allows you to gain access to the side of your boat. A walk board can be installed on one or both sides depending on the width of your lift and the beam of your boat.  If there is no room to fit a walk board on the cradles of your boat lift, brackets can be bolted to your pilings and the walk board installed on the outside of your pilings.  This gives you the ability to wash the entire hull and engine. 


Stern Access Board

If you wish to gain access your motor of drain plug, a stern access platform can be installed.  This bolts to your cradle like a walk board but only extends off the back of the boat.  This is a cheaper option and is useful when washing and accessing the front of the boat can be done from the dock or land.

Accessing the rear of your boat on a boat lift is important.  Being able to flush your engine, wash the engine, changing props, removing the drain plug, adjusting transducers, etc. can all be done with the addition of a drop down stern access platform.  This platform connects two stern access platforms and is 8-10” lower to allow the boat and motors to float over the top when entering the slip. 


Custom Stairs

If your boat has a very high gunnel or a lot of freeboard, you can add a set of stairs to the stern access platform or walk board.  These stairs allow you to access your boat without having to adjust your lift height. 

If the distance from the dock edge to the boat is too far of a step to be safe, a boarding platform can be added.  The boarding platform is mounted on a hinge so it can be folded up out of the way when entering or exiting the slip with the boat.  When the boat is on the lift, the platform can be folded down and used as walkway onto the boat.


Gem Remote

The Gem Remote and Lift Auto Stop is a great option for a boat lift. It acts as a “garage door opener” for your boat lift, giving you the ability to raise and lower the lift with a remote key fab. The auto stop feature will automatically stop the lift in the up and down position.

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