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Kayak Launches

Ever try getting in or out of a kayak from a dock or seawall? If so, you know it’s not easy. Depending on how high or low the tides are that day, stepping down into an unstable kayak is just not an easy thing to do. A Kayak Ladder Launch is a perfect solution for this problem.


This Aluminum Ladder launch from Golden Manufacturing is like a small boat lift for your Kayak. It is simple to use, adapts to fluctuating water levels, and can be mounted to your seawall or dock. It has an adjustable set of bunks for varying size kayaks up to 100 Lbs.

You simply crank the kayak down into the water, climb down the ladder and you’re on your way. There is even a hand rail on the outside for add stability when boarding.

The Kayak ladder launch comes in a 5-step unit with 4’ of travel, or a 7-step unit with 6’ feet of travel depending on your water depth. A 5-Step Kayak Launch $1835.00 installed. The 7-step Kayak Launch is $1980.00 installed. Having trouble getting in or out of your kayak from you dock or seawall? Give our service department a call today.


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