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10 Year Warranty

Golden Boat Lifts® exclusive Golden Sea-Drive®, has a 10 year warranty on the housing and gears for customers that have regular maintenance preformed on their boat lift.


The high-speed gear set is a 5:1 for high efficiency. It utilizes a production gear set from an industrial product line designed to Golden Sea-Drive® specifications. The gear is made from a heat-treated alloy and meshes with a bronze worm gear.

The low-speed gear set is a high-ratio (96:1) designed to have an extremely low helix angle to prevent any possibility of back drifting. The large center distance of the low-speed gear set results in lower tooth loads for a given output torque.


The Golden Sea-Drive® reducer is filled with a proven high-quality lubricant. This high-viscosity grease is capable of handling the high shear stress inherent in heavily loaded boat lift gears. This grease also eliminates the potential for any leakage.


The Golden Sea-Drive® is shaft-mounted with dual flanges to accommodate different drive positions. The drive is connected to the lift shaft with a 5/8" grade "5" cross bolt. This is the largest drive bolt in the industry. The Golden Sea-Drive® produces over 8000 inch pounds of torque and would break the smaller bolts used by other boat lift companies.