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Frequently Asked Questions About Docks

With a dock comes many questions. We gathered up our expert team at Stokes Marine to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about docks.


What can be done to ease the transition of boarding my boat while it is on the lift?

Answer: A retractable boarding platform can be installed to allow for an easier step on to and off of your boat from your dock. Call us today to have a custom boarding platform installed on your dock.


What types of decking does Stokes Marine recommend?

Answer: We recommend using synthetic decking materials such as HDPE plastics and Cellular PVC to meet the weather challenges faced by a dock or deck in Florida. 

These HDPE plastics and Cellular PVC materials last much longer than traditional wood decking materials. They do not require sealing, staining or treating, and are easy to clean. Stokes Marine also installs traditional wood decking. See the decking page of our site for product specifics.


Does Stokes Marine use piling wrap on the pilings they install?

Answer: Every piling installed by Stokes Marine has piling wrap installed on it. This maximizes the life of your piling by reducing the impact of marine bores. The plastic wrap is installed with stainless ring shank nails.


What are piling caps?

Answer: Piling caps are decorative caps that are installed on top of the pilings. Generally, black cone shape caps are selected by our customers. However, piling caps are offered in black, white, and copper and are available in a flat or cone shape.


What are furring strips?

Answer: Furring Strips are decorative strips that are secured to the perimeter of the pilings from the decking up to the top of the piling. They offer a great deal of curb appeal as they give the dock a more finished look by having the pilings match the decking. Furring strips are available in a variety of colors to match the decking selected for your project. They are also available in wood, however, in the most common installations, the material and color match the decking.


Do I need a retractable dock ladder?

Answer: A ladder is required by the City of Cape Coral Permitting office. Stokes Marine recommends a ladder be installed on your dock for added safety in the event one falls in the water. A retractable ladder allows the ladder to be out of the water when not in use. This prevents barnacle growth on the lower rungs of the ladder.


How does Stokes Marine install their pilings? 

Answer: Stokes Marine begins the process by jetting the piling into the ground using a pump. The piling is then driven into the ground using a drop hammer. Stokes Marine's barge has a custom outfitted free-fall winch installed on a marine crane. Pile driving is an in-house effort as the staff are team members of Stokes Marine and the equipment is owned by Stokes Marine.


Do you offer a routine service program for boat lifts and docks?

Answer: Yes, Stokes Marine offers a bi-annual service program for $400.00. Leave the servicing and maintenance of your lift and dock to the professionals. Be certain your lift is in great working condition when your boating plans are on the line.

When was the last time your lift was greased? Have you ever changed the belt on your drive unit? Are your pulleys rotating on your cradle ends or are they causing cable damage? Have your cables ever been changed?

Have more questions? Contact the experts at Stokes Marine anytime to talk with our team.

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