Shallow Water Under Your Boat Lift?

Do you have trouble getting your boat on and off of your boat lift at low tide?  If so these tips may help you:

Proper boat bunking
Most lifts add approximately 12 inches to outlet the required water depth over and above the draft of the boat. The exact distance that the lift adds is the height of the cradle beam plus the amount of clearance between the center line of the boat and the top of the cradle.The full height of the bunks on a hull do not affect the additional water amount depth needed as the center line of the boat is lower than the top of the bunks. We recommend the bunks be positioned so the center line of the boat is only 2”-3” above the cradle. If the amount of clearance is higher than it needs to be one will need that much more water depth to float the boat off the lift.  The attached picture shows a boat properly bunked to maximize the available water depth.



Shallow water cradles
Boat lifts that are located parallel to or on an angle in relation to the seawall generally benefit from a shallow water cradle. As the water depth on the outside of the lift closer to the center of the canal is generally deeper than the water depth close to the seawall. Measure the depth at the center of the lift piling on the shallow side of your slip and compare it to the depth 3' into your slip. This depth difference tells you how much water depth benefit you will get from electing a shallow water cradle.

For more tips on maximizing your water depth please call us today.  Generally their is a low cost approach that can provide a great deal of value and keep you on the water more often!


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