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Aluminum walk boards do not increase the buoyancy of the cradle assembly like a wood walk board. Wood walk boards often times make the cradle float. This is especially the case with aluminum lifts as aluminum is lighter than galvanized steel.

Aluminum walk boards are stronger than wood walk boards and can be extended past the cradles allowing you to better reach the front and rear of the boat when walking on it. Wood walk boards deflect or break with the weight of a person walking on them if they are extending past the cradles more than a few feet.

Aluminum walk boards can be made in a variety of widths allowing more room to traverse along the side of the boat.

Aluminum walk boards can be easily accessorized with steps, stern cross over platforms, hand rails, guide poles, etc.

Aluminum walk boards do not warp, crack, rot, cup, or splinter like wood walk boards. Aluminum handles the exposure to the water and environment better than wood.

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